Who’s coming to Dreamers?

Dreamers Folk Club at the Victoria Inn Four Lanes near Redruth – Every Sunday 7.30 start.

Nick Dow – Sunday 21st August 2022

Nick Dow has been singing traditional Folk Songs for over Forty years. He has had a big influence on the Folk scene and most recently award winning English Folk Musician Jim Moray has quoted Nick as an influence singing two songs from his repertoire and including one {Seven Long Years} on his latest album ‘Skulk’. Nick is an acknowledged expert on West Country Folk Songs and together with his wife Mally ,has collected over 300 songs in Dorset.

Every song Nick sings has a story attached to it, and his gigs are as informative as they are entertaining.

Tim & Sue BrineSunday 11th September

Tim and Sue have been singing as a duo for over 20 years. They both sing and play a variety of instruments with an intensity and variety that has endeared them to audiences at clubs and festivals.

They draw their music from both traditional and contemporary sources as well as their own self-penned songs of social comment which reflect their commitment to environmental and social causes.

Their renditions of songs like Dougie Maclean’s ‘Caledonia’ and Dave Swarbrick’s ‘The White Dress’ will stop you in your tracks, whilst self-penned numbers like ‘Where The Hell Are We Going To Live’ bring the urgency of current crises into the folk club circuit.

Ned Clamp & Pat Smith – Sunday 30th October

Nurtured in the rolling foothills of the ”mighty” E-ly-e river valley, and dumped on an unsuspecting public cunningly disguised as a pair of middle-aged musicians. Pat & Ned play an energetic mixture of songs and tunes from Wales and beyond, skilfully rendered on concertinas, guitar, spoons and harmonicas.

For 20 years Pat and Ned have been stalwarts of the South Wales folk scene, together, individually, or with their dance band, Calennig. They are fixtures at many folk festivals, including Cwlwm Celtaidd, Tredegar House (Newport), Upton upon Severn, Bude, Moira Furnace and Whitby. They have also made a number of forays abroad: touring New Zealand three times, playing Auckland and Tui Farm Festivals. They have also travelled to Asturias (Spain) and the USA, their most recent visit being in 2019 with the concert version of Calennig, to play at the North American Festival of Wales..

Mark Dowding – Sunday 13th November

With his historical knowledge mixed with his Lancastrian humour, cultured guitar and superb vocals, Mark Dowding brings a bucket of great songs to entertain us.