Wonderful Winter Wilson

Posted By dreamersfolk on Sep 19, 2018

What a great night we had last Sunday. Winter Wilson were the Guests and we had a good size audience. Regular Dreamers were away on holiday and one respected dreamer is in hospital, hoping for a good recovery and getting back to singing. The absentees were offset by a good number of visitors to the club, who added to the warm ambience of the evening!

We had some great floor spots with the very irreverent Nigel spouting off about “Songs of Praise” visiting Four Lanes and the congregation increasing to bursting point when normal congregations can only muster two old ladies and a goat!!! There was Robin, a visitor from Hampshire, who played and sang beautifully and with a unique style and assurance, Jane sang about the undeserving poor, Professor Chubb gave us cultural diversity with a “Cornichon”, no, I mean a Cornish song, that is, in the Cornish Language. Proper Job Bob sang about simple pleasures, a Harry Glasson song and some other couple gave us ” He’s in the Jailhouse now” complete with some weird yodelling, John & Marion gave us a great chorus to sing with “My Lady of Autumn”, superb!

The main event though, was Kip Winter & Dave Wilson, masters of their art. Finely crafted songs played exquisitely with guitar, banjo, accordion and flute complimented with soaring vocals from two great professionals. Great stories introduced every song and the applause lingered long after the encore!

The audience headed home thinking “we’ve had a bargain evenings entertainment there for only a fiver”.

Come along and see for yourself, singers nights every Sunday ( £1.50 ) and our next guest performers are ” Alden, Patterson & Dashwood” coming our way on Sunday 14th October, it’s gonna be a good one!!