The Squirrel Hillbillies were here!

Posted By dreamersfolk on Jun 2, 2018

Saving the best to last, the Squirrel Hillbillies finished their UK tour in style at the Sportsmans Arms in Four Lanes, Redruth.

Hillbillies by name, they live on Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, USA, but not by nature, their music came from the heart and was far removed from anything that Granny, Jethro or Elly Mae might have produced ( those of you under 50 might not get the reference to that 1960’s comedy “The Beverly Hillbillies”).

  Jenny & Gary gave us original songs with Gary’s fine guitar style ably supported by Jenny’s variety of instrumentation and, the best bit for me, the blend of their two fine voices which found attentive ears from the Dreamers audience. There was one song that stood out for me because of the sensitive and moving instrumental break which featured Gary on guitar and Jenny on mandolin, sweet! There were serious songs, comic songs, cowboy songs and a song or two featuring a buddhist bell, I’m sure that’s a first at Dreamers. All in all a wonderful relaxed evening with two of the worlds nice guys, thanks Jenny & Gary.