Mitchell & Vincent

Posted By dreamersfolk on Jan 27, 2020

I don’t know if it was because it was the first guest night after the Christmas break, November since our last guest, but the back room at the Sportsmans Arms in Four Lanes was buzzing with excitement 30 minutes before the start on Sunday last. Unusually the car park was full by 7pm which was a portent of what was to come!

With some quality support singers setting the tone for the evening, our MC Rob Ford introduced our guests Mitchell & Vincent, who picked up on the vibe in the room and gave us a great evenings entertainment. Switching effortlessly between songs and instrumental pieces. One song in particular, Pleasant and delightful, the Larks they sang melodious, the Dreamers gang let rip on the chorus and David & Graham just had to roll with it and forget their own arrangement and do it the Dreamers way!!

Some lovely French, Scots, American & Irish jigs & reels played with aplomb on their own hand-made instruments flowed throughout and, always a good measure of a successful night, is when we get congratulated on a good booking by several Dreamers regulars!

Thanks David Mitchell & Graham Vincent you’ve made a lot of new friends here in West Cornwall.