Mike Nicholson

Posted By dreamersfolk on Oct 14, 2019

Mike was in Cornwall for “The Voice Tour” run by Roger & Gaye Bryant at the Membley Hall Hotel in Falmouth, so it seemed sensible to grab him for a gig at Dreamers Folk, while he was close by.

It turned out to be a very good booking, because several of those lovely singers attending “The Voice Tour” stayed an extra night and also came to Dreamers, ensuring that the choruses to Mikes songs were sung with beautiful harmonies and a depth of sound not often heard. Particularly resonant was the Keith Scowcroft/ Derek Gifford song “When all Men Sing”. Mr Nicholson gave us a balanced set of old favorites mixed in with some newer material and all given the “Nicholson effect” with his rich vocals and guitar accompaniment.

Thanks go to MC Nigel for stitching it all together so well and keeping us on time and a special thank you to all those visiting singers who contributed to a memorable evenings entertainment including Lynn Heraud & Pat Turner, Mike & Rosie Longhurst, Baldricks’ Plan & Martin & Vera. Thank You!