Geoff Lakeman & Rob Murch

Posted By dreamersfolk on Nov 18, 2019

Last night we had a near full house at Dreamers Folk to enjoy the music and songs of Geoff Lakeman & Rob Murch. A relatively new duo, although both steeped in the Southwest music scene over many years, they belied there ‘newness’ to immediately settle into lively banter, intricate tunes and good chorus songs that had the audience raising the rafters with their enthusiastic singing. Geoff’s easy relaxed style, with the patter slipping easily from his tongue and nimble fingers on the concertina’s buttons, ably complimented by the ‘Titian of Twang’ with at least five fingers(!?) travelling the length of the banjo fretboard, led to a double encore at the end of the evening, proof of the standard of the entertainment.

Alistair Brown was MC and kept things moving neatly and provided us with some quality support acts that fitted with the atmosphere of the evening, good music & laughter. A great evening of folk music at the Sportsmans Arms.