Folk Weekend 2018

Posted By dreamersfolk on Jul 6, 2018

What a weekend that was, from Friday to Sunday there were many highlights to savour. The Ceilidh was hot, with the Carnkie Cloggers Band and caller getting us galloping and doh-ce-dohing to exhaustion!


The Saturday morning instrument making workshop produced some interesting items, Mike Walford made a banjar/guitjo
from a cake tin! and there were a couple of whistles that probably made a great sound, but outside of the human hearing range! Mike Walford’s Blues session was well attended with Roger Strange’s Blues Harp to the fore.
There was a keenly contested lunchtime quiz with Ruth Beretta setting the questions at just the right level.

The afternoon saw a full house for Flossie Macdonald’s Choir Workshop, a great singer and teacher, Flossie led us through interesting arrangements of several songs. This was a first for Dreamers, I’m sure we’ll be asking Flossie to return again next year. Choir workshop 
Our team game “The Road to Four Lanes” was again well supported, all enjoyed it and no sign of the “Four Lanes mist” which had been threatened by the games organisers! 

“The Road to Four Lanes”

Our Saturday concert with local performers was great as usual with the inclusion of the instrument makers band and the choir singing “Belle Mama”.
Sunday morning people gathered for the Gospel Session in Pencoys Church Hall, which gave us great voices in a great acoustic and to top it off, Will & Rosie, our Sunday evening guests turned up and sang with us, superb!

Sunday lunch was followed by a chill out afternoon in the pub garden in bright sunshine, with a few singers and musicians doing their thing. Jan gave us a chance to be creative with her popular “Encaustic Art” workshop which produced some interesting creations with hot beeswax on card.

The main event of the weekend was the Sunday evening concert with Will Finn & Rosie Calvert, they did not disappoint. With their unusual folk instruments of steel pan & keyboard they gave us a varied set of songs and music with two incredible voices. Young people they may be but their choice of material was definitely traditional folk with a twist. Finishing their first set with Froggie went a courting accompanied by table top percussion with plastic cups and perfect timing! Fabulous renditions of “Paddy’s Lamentation” & “The Cottagers Reply” and many more brought much applause from the audience and guaranteed an encore. Perfect ending to a great weekend.
Much thanks to our landlord, Roger and his wonderful staff, and everyone who contributed to a superb weekend of music and madness!