Dreamers Revue 2017

Posted By dreamersfolk on Dec 13, 2017

What a party we had last Sunday! Dreamers annual revue night did not disappoint, not a lot of music in evidence but laughs by the bucket load!

With MC Roger getting us underway he introduced Robin & Kathleen who made up two teams, The Great Hydron Colliders and the Pina Colladas to compete in singing a well known song but to a different well known tune, it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty but we survived.
“Thanks for the memory” were on next and Jane sang an amusing song about misplacing everyday objects ( which had a certain resonance with most of the audience ) while Nigel dangled the missing objects mischievously from behind the curtain.
Alistair sang a hearty sea shanty ( or anti-shanty ) about downing a few cups of tea ( instead of beer ), with the line “raise your pinkys high”.
Professor Ray Chubb sang in the Cornish language about “Cornish common Sense” with translation by Denise.
We had another amusing song from Malcolm about the impossibility of Christmas Shopping, when all you seem to buy are things for yourself!
Our regular edition of neighbourhood watch from Mrs Gayes diary did not disappoint, wry observations of Falmouth & Four Lanes in a rich Cornish brogue, Lovely.
Next we had a tale of an amazing septuagenarian woman from Ben, recalling the many skills and the energy that she had which would have tired many of a younger age, Ben finished with a great rendition of “The Rocky road to Dublin”.
The End of the World was forecast by three doomsayers, Pip, Wayne & Nigel, but fortunately, it proved false information.
A buffet was provided at half time and readily consumed by hungry folkies!

Nigel attempted to keep control of proceedings in the second half. A great start with two songs from Malcolm & Hilary concerning firstly the “Biscuit Police” who watch over the half-time break at folk clubs and secondly a song about the number of cars parking outside Hilarys house!
The Three Amigos, Graham, Wayne & Margaret sang a hilarious rendition of Speedy Gonzales, with Margaret continually trying to re-attach Grahams false moustache!
Ruth & Paul were Sham Rock music with a version of Delaneys Donkey, everyone joined the chorus of this Irish ditty.
Next a guy called “Dylan Cohen” took to the stage in black shirt and sunglasses he was a cool dude!
A big cuddly teddy bear gave an account of Jonah & the Whale, the perspiring Roger in the bear suit was most amusing as he shuffled around the stage knocking into the microphone stands.
Professor I P Knightley and his assistant Arthur Braine sang about the amazing do it all product “The handier household help”
which will remove the stains from carpets and the blemishes from glass, keep your radio free from static and will fumigate your aaa attic!
A great evening was rounded off with a chorus of “We’ll Dream Again” Big thanks to everyone.