Dreamers newsletter 28th July 2022

Posted By dreamersfolk on Jul 29, 2022

Hi and welcome to this week’s Newsletter. Another busy week so another short Newsletter. We’re now, of course, in high summer with lots of visitors to Cornwall, folk festivals most weekends and warnings of hosepipe bans and drought.  

Some Singers nights at the Club in the early part of August leading up to the visit of Nick Dow on 21st August. This is really one to look forward to – Nick is an acknowledged expert on West Country Folk songs and has been a part of the scene for a very long time now, singing traditional folk songs for over forty years.

We didn’t know quite what to expect for last Saturday’s Cornish Zoom Folk Club with holidays, hot weather and competing attractions liable to affect numbers. In the event, it was a cracking evening with no less than 20 different performers including a number of very welcome newcomers as well as some old friends who we hadn’t seem for a little while. Overall a very high standard, much enjoyed by everyone and well MC’d by John and Marion. Best wishes to them as they depart for Scotland and we’ll look forward to their return in the autumn.

During the zoom evening we had a straw poll as to whether people wanted to go ahead in August, on Saturday 27th, bearing in mind that that is the Bank Holiday weekend with plenty of other attractions including the Cornwall Folk Festival in Wadebridge. In the event, enough people were keen to give zoom a go so we’ll go ahead as usual. If numbers are a bit smaller that usual, well, the same happens at live clubs too and we’d expect to have a bumper night in September (24th) as the nights draw in and the holiday period has come to an end.

One of the lovely people who come regularly to the zoom is Alison O’Donnell from Ireland. This week Alison has released her new album “Hark The Voice That Sings For All”. It’s on Talking Elephant Records and available at various UK, US and Irish outlets. UK – at Amazon, Talking Elephant:  https://talkingelephant.co.uk, Rough Trade https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/alison-o-donnell/the-voice-that-sings-for-all and others.

The Sidmouth Festival starts tomorrow, Friday 29th July, of course so let’s hope the weather stays fair and everyone has a great time. Fantastic line-up as usual.

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