Ale & Cakes at Dreamers

Posted By dreamersfolk on Mar 26, 2019

No, not an invitation to stuff your faces with food & drink at the highest folk club in Cornwall but an indication that we had a fantastic musical party last Sunday!

Dan & Jacey aka “Ale & Cakes”
A Tom Waits song ” Shiver me Timbers”

We had a lovely evening of gentle bluegrass from this couple, recently married and making sweet music together!

Jacey is rightly proud of her Cornish heritage, coming from just up the road in Troon, and has retained a lovely Cornish burr to her voice. Her self-effacing stage demeanor is honest and humble and gives the listener an insight into their journey so far. They have both spent time honing their instrument skills at Sore Fingers , a week long series of workshops in the Cotswolds on your chosen instrument. Dan’s mandolin playing is a treat for the ears, beautifully relaxed lead breaks are a sweet accompaniment to Jacey’s vocals. A great selection of songs supported by superb instrumentation gave their audience a wonderful evenings entertainment.

Catch them up at Hendra Campsite, Newquay for the Cornish Bluegrass Festival in September.

Cornish Bluegrass Festival