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Wow! Saskia!

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What a treat we had at Dreamers Folk last night, Saskia Griffiths-Moore, a young singer/songwriter from London, gave us sublime vocals with clean,subtle guitar accompaniment presented in a cool, self-assured package that showed her warm personality to the enthralled Dreamers audience. Saskia got off on the right foot by starting with an acapella song in Spanish which she tried to teach us, not sure she succeeded in that regard, but any audience participation is good to get them onside! Continuing with “Fields of Gold” by Sting,...

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January 14th 2018 – Geoff Lakeman

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 A cold, damp January evening was quickly warmed by a great concert of Folk music at Dreamers Folk performed by local boy Geoff Lakeman. Our wonderful MC, Denise, presided over the entertainment introducing several of our regular singers, by way of warm up to the main act. Hilary & Malcolm sang ” The Meter-Reading Man” an amusing tale from the, by now bulging songbook, of Malcolm Pinch! We had a song in the Cornish Language from Ray Chubb, a field holler from Roger Strange, two songs from John & Marion Heath and Jane...

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Cornish Mummers Play

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Its become a tradition at Dreamers folk that at the turning of the year a merry band of minstrels come along to entertain us! Father Christmas, a Doctor, Beelzebub, a Turk, and his Father the King of Egypt and of course our hero, St Piran of Cornwall. Dressed to impress, the combatants enter the room and challenge St Piran (the patron Saint of Cornwall ) to a sword fight to the death, fortunately one of the band is a “quack” doctor who, for a price can cure any ailment, so miraculously they all survive. The amateur dramatics, with...

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Pete Seeger video

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My first recollections of playing records on a gramophone was probably in the late 1950’s, I would have been about 8 or 9 years old and my parents had a double album of “The Weavers at Carnegie Hall”. Other than family Christmases singing around the piano, this would have been my first introduction to music. Even at that age I could appreciate the harmonies created by four voices singing wonderful songs from around the world. Pete Seeger, Fred Hellerman, Lee Hays and Ronnie Gilbert together drew me in to the wonderful world...

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Merry Christmas 2017

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Dreamers Folk have had a brilliant year! 2017 may be on its way into history but it has left us with so many great memories to cherish. We may be close to the “big toe” of this island of the UK but some fantastic musicians have “legged it” to West Cornwall and given us much folk, roots and acoustic music to enjoy. Thanks go to January-Strange Love, February-Andy Clarke & Steve Tyler, March-Baldricks Plan, April-Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner, May-Hand Picked( Mic McCreadie & Adrian O’Reilly), June-Folk...

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Dreamers Festive Song & Buffet

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Sunday 17th December 2017, yet another great night at Dreamers folk, the best folk roots & acoustic music venue in …Four Lanes! The evening started with the unveiling of our new Dreamers Folk banner, which will watch over all future concerts and sing-arounds and add a colourful backdrop to proceedings, many thanks to for their great design work and timely production. Kitty & her team had arrived early and set out the tables for our festive buffet, complete with miniature Christmas trees and crackers, it was...

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Dreamers Revue 2017

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What a party we had last Sunday! Dreamers annual revue night did not disappoint, not a lot of music in evidence but laughs by the bucket load! With MC Roger getting us underway he introduced Robin & Kathleen who made up two teams, The Great Hydron Colliders and the Pina Colladas to compete in singing a well known song but to a different well known tune, it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty but we survived. “Thanks for the memory” were on next and Jane sang an amusing song about misplacing everyday objects ( which...

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Coope Boyes & Simpson

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Only Remembered

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Website changes

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Dreamers Folk has been well served over the last 15 years with access to the worldwide web provided by club stalwart John Heath. He has produced many different styles of site always full of interest and always containing the information that everyone wants in a easy palatable form. Thanks hardly seems enough to express the clubs gratitude for keeping Dreamers in the public eye, nevertheless, cheers John, your efforts have been much appreciated by all at Dreamers.

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